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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Words cease when the spirit requires peace
Oral prayer makes room for quiet meditation
The soul longs for contraints of life's release
And for the Holy Spirit's illumination.

Our souls long to be free to soar through the sky
To fly unabashedly upon our charted course
With spirits in flight ever upward our souls fly
We yearn 'til we reach The Ultimate Source.

Our Father, Creator of all that was, is and will be
Has instilled within our souls the desire
To be united with Him throughout all Eternity
With, by and through His Holy Spirit's Fire.

His Gifts are limitless but by far the Best
Was His Son to lead us on our quest,
Lifting our souls to the wing'ed height
Far beyond our mortal sight
To Heaven's Eternal daylight.

Copyrighted Mel Patterson, 7-6-11

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