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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just yesterday I tore up a spider's web again,
Sweeping it away with a fling of my right hand
Yet I ponder that spider's handiwork,
See its' diligence and I think... "How grand!

The silky web feels sticky to the touch
In an instant with broom it is swept away
One reason for the spider's intricate network
Is to ensnare and feed upon unsuspecting prey.

We can liken the cleansing of our souls
To the removing of cobwebs from our portals
Always cleansing, scrubbing and purifying
The lifelong endeavor of Christian mortals.

If the cobwebs in our lives hold us bound
We push and pull to no measureable avail
We're stuck in that web unable to let go,
Bemoaning our fate in that cagey travail.

Cleaning the threads before they form webs
Keeping after them day to day, hour to hour
We wash them all away in the Blood of Jesus
Watching satan back off, slither and cower.

What we learn from the spider and her web
Is her instinct to persevere in weaving it
Our souls are worth the same diligent care
In faith, hope and love we are believing it.

© Mel Patterson, 5-26-11

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