Writings by Carmela P.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Father of mercies, we lift up our children to you. We lift up the unborn, the infants, babies, tots, children, pre-teens, teens and adult children and beg blessings of protection all about and around them. We plead the Blood of the Lamb all over each child. We know the evil one flees at the thought of your Precious Blood touching him so we rebuke him with You, Lord God, that he may flee to the dregs of hell to which he belongs.

We rebuke the addictions of drugs, alcohol, smoking of any substance, sex,
stealing and all other addictions besetting our children. Strengthen
the vulnerable, the susceptible and fill them with wisdom and discernment, gifts of Your
Holy Spirit.

Provide in their lives loving parents, caring foster homes, compassionate guardians, good teachers, and dedicated professionals who will help guide them along the right path.

Bring into their lives good and holy Pastors, Ministers, Deacons, Priests, Chaplains to guide them into Christianity. Fill their minds with knowledge of why we are really here. Fill their hearts with the openness to love as You love, and bless their spirits to mirror Your Spirit.

Thank you Father for how you are working in their lives.
Praise you Father for all blessings thus far and for all blessings
yet to come. For it is by you, through you and to you we
come in prayerful petition for our children.


© Mel Patterson, Nov. ‘08