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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Because You Prayed


While in prayer one morning, I felt prompted to tell you, each and everyone of you, those who read this and also those who do not read this, that because you prayed for someone....

Someone's spirit is being lifted.
Someone's burden is being lightened.
Someone's health is being restored.
Someone's disease is being healed.
Someone's finances are improving.
Someone's Salvation is occurring.
Someone's addiction is being defeated.
Someone is being forgiven.
Someone is forgiving.
Someone is making peace.
Someone is benefiting from that peace.
Someone's family relationships are healing.
Someone is going to bear martyrdom.
Someone is being delivered.
Someone is being born.
Someone is being borne again.
Someone is being born into eternal life.
Someone is seeing Jesus.
Someone is living with Jesus for ever -


Pray unceasingly. Grow closer to Jesus
Make the effort,
it WILL be worth it.

Mel Patterson © 2004