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Monday, May 29, 2006

" Angel Story "

When our barbershop quartet, The Funtones, broke up, it was because our Bass, Mil, moved to Virginia, and then our Tenor, Lois had had a repaired brain aneurysm. Mil invited us, Fay, my friend who was also Lois' sister, Lois herself, and me to visit her in Virginia which we did. So the three of us visited and we had a great time, reminiscing, singing, laughing and it was so much fun.

It was time to start back home and Fay was the driver. I was in the passenger seat and Lois sat in the back. Fay wanted to use the Washington Beltway and avoid going into the DC area.

After driving out of Virginia, Fay said, "Mel, tell me that's NOT the Washington Monument!" I said, "Fay, it IS the Washington Monument." Fay was shaken up, very nervous being in DC at rush hour, 5 pm. She pulled around the Capital area and asked a Policeman how to get back to Interstate 95 and he was very annoyed and quickly and abruptly pointed in a direction which Fay tried to follow to no avail.

She prayed, "O Dear God, I don't know what to do? Please help me!" We were approaching a red light. A red pick-up truck pulled alongside of Fay and the driver got out and went to her open window (it was summer) and spoke to her. In the meantime the guy in the passenger seat of the pick-up truck got out and came around the back of the car and stood slightly to the back of my shoulder. I looked back at him and he smiled very kindly. Both were wearing bright white tee shirts and very clean jeans. After the guy at Fay's window spoke to her, both of the guys got back into their truck and off they went ahead of us.

Fay continued to the next street which during rush hour was extremely busy. She prayed again, "I don't remember what he said, Mel. Dear God, help me."

Once again, remember the guys were ahead of us and out of sight, this time the light was green for us to go but the pick-up truck again pulled up along the driver side of Fay's car,and this time in the middle of the intersection to the left front of Fay's car. Both got out of the pick-up truck again and the driver went to Fay's window. The other one came around back again and stood in the same place as he did before, slightly to my right and back a bit. I turned to look at him and I thought, "gee, he looks like me...slightly curly strawberry blonde hair, and a smile like mine." His was very benevolent. I felt so calm.

I heard the driver of the pick-up tell Fay, "Just follow us and we will lead you to I-95. When you see us go off to the right and up the ramp you keep on going straight. You will feel like you are going around in a circle and back where you came from but you won't be. Just keep on going straight and you will be all right."

So, they hopped back into their red pick-up truck and we followed them. After a while they went to the right and I saw them go up and off the ramp. Fay continued on and said, "Oh Mel! It feels like we are going back where we came from, like we are going in a big circle back to Washington!"

I said, "Remember what he said. He told us we would feel like we were going in a circle and back to Washington but to keep on going straight."

She kept going straight and we arrived safely to Maryland where we spent the night. Then I drove home the rest of the way the next morning.

Two observations: 1) Lois never mentioned anything about those two guys. She made no comment whatsoever.

And: 2) where was all the traffic during this time when we were being directed the second time? Why were car horns not beeping and people being annoyed by our stopping and listening to the advice of the driver of the pick-up?

This is a true story and one Fay and I still treasure. Her sister, Lois, died 10 years ago. Mildred lives in Charlottesville, VA.

© Mel Patterson 5-29-=06