Writings by Carmela P.

Formerly "Mel's Musings" but do to many authors with name of Mel - changing to "Writings by Carmela P."

Monday, July 18, 2005

Father, coming before you this day, I thank you for your benevolence upon your children and Praise you for the everyday glories poured out upon your earth.

Many are the needs of your children, as you already know, but we ask humbly for blessings upon the nations of the world, blessings of peace, unity, with improved communication among the leaders of the world, an end to the wars and strife, and sustainance for beseiged peoples in all countries. Pour forth your blessings in great abundances, as we pray all nations line up with your Holy Will for the good all of the souls of all of your children. It is hard to imagine how grieved you must be to see what human beings do to one another. For theirs and my own sins, I beg mercy and forgiveness.

Please, Father, look kindly in blessings upon your children who suffer illnesses of all kinds, heal their bodies, route out all that is not of you, and permit them to enjoy easements daily and minute to minute. For the depressed and oppressed show them through your Holy Spirit a new day and a new way. For the vast amounts of addictions, send your Holy Spirit upon Professionals to find ways to help these plagued ones. Console their families and bless them with peace. Bring healing to minds, hearts, souls, and bodies. Bless them all to see you in everything, in all suffering and help them by accepting their sufferings as an oblation for themselves and others, that their sacrifices be united with your Son, Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead to Glory.

I pray your provision in every area of need in all children of the world, for surely, Father, you do hold us all in the very palm of your hand.

Spare us from the enemy and let us never lose sight of your eternal gift awaiting those who are faithful to your ways. To the end we shall not falter for you are our goal and our delight. Take us, shake us, make us like you. Hold us, mold us, enfold us close to your bosom.

Heart of all hearts we love you. Keep us ever close. We offer you our souls as if upon a golden patten......do with us what you will. Souls united......we are yours.
Thank you, Father. Praise be yours forever.

Mel Patterson © July 2005