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Friday, March 04, 2005

Whispers of the Winds

Whispers of the Winds

“In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things came into being not one thing came into being except through Him.What has come into being in Him was life, life that was the light of men; and light shines in darkness, and darkness could not overpower it.”

JOHN 1 - A: Prologue

What comes to mind is the stillness and the silence of the beginning. The awakened Heart of God was always being, hard to fathom, but ever existing. In the serene beating Heart of God was the thought of you from time immemorial. In the silence and tranquility of time, you were in His Mind’s Eye. He beheld you before you were begotten. You were in His Plan then and now. Before you came to be, you were His. You were in His Heart. Your Father loved you then and now. We are no accidents of nature. We are God’s. He willed us to live. He wills us to live and we are His.

He whispers His Love to us in hundreds of ways. He speaks to us in refreshing breezes that bless our spirits. He speaks to us in the winds that blow from above. Liken the whispers of the winds to the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit of God as we come to think differently of the mighty winds and soothing breezes that come upon us. Just as the winds blow upon the lands dispersing particles into the air, so too, does the Holy Spirit inspire us to clean our souls. The winds never fail to elicit thoughts of the Holy Spirit upon me. Even though the winds may be cold and arctic, I still feel the Presence of God in them. He refreshes my soul at every turn. I may not stay outside long but ever refreshed however brief the journey.

The winds may be in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter and still they are cleansing. We buck up in the Winter knowing Spring follows and new life begins. How can we not be refreshed in Spring as the gentle breezes blow through our hair and brush upon our faces.

To stand and enjoy the whisper of the winds is like the Holy Spirit whispering love songs into our ears. Whisper, my Love, and I shall bask in your every word of Love. Take me and use me as You Will, O Holy Spirit of God. To commune on a level of meditation and contemplation is a high form of praise-prayer. O Lover of our souls, ravish us and lavish us with Your Divine Inspirations. Come, Holy Spirit, send your mighty winds for we are in need of a mighty cleansing to ready our souls for Your Holy Entrance. Winds of time and eternity wash away the old and prepare for the new since eons ago until now and on into our unknown future, except….as Christians we know where we are going ultimately.

Oceanic breezes and salty air cleans our spirits and refresh our souls. To watch an ocean sunrise and sunset evoke a gentle peace much like the tranquil beginning as in John’s Prologue. The beauties of the Master Artist’s sunrises and sunsets fill us with awe. Who can give us a sunrise and a sunset other than Our Father? Not one other person on the earth can, nor has ever, done such a thing. Ought we not to glorify God as one of His creations? Do not the birds of the air glorify God by their winged flight? Do not the animals, whatever species, glorify God by their very existences? Ought we not also be in a continual state of thanksgiving and praise to the ONE who knew us and loved us before we came to be.

Willowing winds, hallowing winds, gentle winds, soft breezes, blow upon us whether we will them or not. Let us see this as a Holy Spirit blessing to restore our souls and refresh our spirits, our minds, and hearts. Walk into the winds realizing they are a gift.

This is clarified, however, by also realizing there are devastating and destructive winds of powerful storms that do not restore us, but do cause damage by the millions as evidenced in the State of Florida last year and by the Tsunami most recently. Pelting winds can be fierce. We distinguish between refreshment and destruction. We pray for everyone caught in the paths of these disasters and our prayers are continual.

My attempt is to expand upon the cleansing winds over time and eternity, the ones that restore our souls, the ones that prepare us along our journey through our earthly lives.

A symphony is played when winds blow Autumn leaves all about, as we listen to rustling trees and watch them sway back and forth. Whose Master Mind is at work to thrill us with His Artistry strewn upon our paths, to fill us with His Magnificence? Carpets of grass brushed by the wind make me want to run like a child at play braids trailing behind, face to the sun. Joy filled delight is a reward for child-like innocence when our inner child surfaces. Let us not forget to just be…be….in the moment. Let the wind brush by your face and enjoy that moment, if ONLY for a….moment.

Sometimes I think Our Father plays with us and lovingly teases us by these hints from heaven, enough to whet our appetites for more and more of HIM. I think He gives and withdraws and gives again all in an effort to help us want to know Him better, to love Him better, to serve Him better. All is for His Joy and our Joy. He sends us gentle love songs in the gentle breezes, more ardent love songs in the stronger winds, and admonishments in the storms all to guide us in the narrow path toward HIM.

Gentle and steady is the Lord as we move in, away, to and from Him. He is the loving Parent, He is the Brother, He is the Friend, He is the Lover. He is the be-all of our existence. His Song is always singing and He is ever bringing gifts beyond measure. He is our Bridegroom enchanting us with His Charm, His Holy Charm. He is all Beauty. He is all Handsomeness. He is all Giving. He is all Holy. He is all Loving. He is all Present. He is all Knowing. He is all Powerful. He is God, One Triune God. He is Our Father. He is Our Saviour. He is Our Holy Spirit. He breathes a holy breath upon us. He fills us with His inspirations. He guides us every step of the way when we are open to Him. He does not move; we do. He is Our Rock, our immovable Rock.

Through the windswept stories of our lives, He remains the same. He is a steady force upon Whom we may cling when we feel like….Napoleon Blownapart………..(wondered if you were paying attention) :):)

May gentle breezes bless you. May cleansing winds caress you. May your slate be swept clean and may you enjoy the peace and joy of your heavenly home at the end of your journey. Remember….listen to the whispers of the winds.

Mel Patterson © March 2005